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Skull Based Neuro Surgery

Skull base neurosurgery is done to remove benign and cancerous tumors using a minimally invasive endoscopic technique. It treats the places where it is difficult to reach like the underside of the brain, or the uppermost vertebrae of the spinal column.  In skull base surgery instruments are inserted either through the nose or mouth or a hole made above the eyebrow. The hospital stay varies with patient.

Skull Base Surgery is performed by a big team of specialists including neurosurgeons, craniofacial surgeons, ENT surgeons, and radiologists. A plastic surgeon or an ophthalmic surgeon may also be included in the team, if required.

Types of Skull Base surgery

Endoscopic or minimally-invasive skull base surgery (does not require a large incision, done through nose, mouth or a hole made above the eyebrow)

Traditional or open skull base surgery (may require incisions in the facial area and in the skull)

When Skull Base Surgery is required

  • All types of abnormal growths, infections, tumors or cancers in and around head, neck or brain
  • Cysts in the brain by birth
  • Skull bones of an infant close too early affecting brain growth and the shape of the skull (Craniosynostosis)
  • Arteries and veins abnormally connected to one another (Arteriovenousmalformations)

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