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Neuro Interventional

Neuro interventional surgery is accomplished through a small hole in the skin. Through this miniature portal, tiny catheters, needles or tubes are placed and guided to their intended targets in the brain, head/neck, or spine. The field employs sophisticated imaging technologies to precisely guide its devices into highly sensitive neural structures. Once there, devices that are amongst the most innovative and advanced available to medicine are used to accomplish minimally invasive surgical solutions. Through innovation, the treatment of certain brain vascular and spinal conditions has lended itself to this minimally invasive approach.

At Anu Institute of Neuro and Cardiac sciences our team of Neuro interventional surgeons provide non-operative and surgical treatment to patients of all ages suffering from neurovascular or painful spinal conditions. Spinal conditions treated include low back and neck pain due to compression fractures, herniated disc, facet arthritis, and spinal stenosis.

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